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Home » Ethanol Products » BD-VFBR380RD
BF - 15" Bio-Fuel Burner
Outdoor ethanol burner.   Burn Time:  2 - 3 hours.   No electricity or gas lines required.   Instant warmth and ambience.   Ideal product for fire bowls and fire pits.

- 13" burner ring creates an impressive flame
- Stainless steel cover provided to smother flame and cover burner when not in use
- Stainless steel lighting rod for safe lighting
- 3 hour burn time
- Capacity: 1 gallon denatured alcohol
- 14,000 btu's/hr
Buyers Guide:
* Consult with building officials and local codes when planning any fire feature
* This burner is to never be used in a combustible enclosure of any nature
* Burner is for outdoor use only
* Use approved denatured ethanol fuel only
* Owner must have a ABC Monoammonnium Phospate fire extinguisher on hand when using product
* Fire extinguisher is a mandatory item and must be purchased independently
* 3 lbs of fire glass is recommended to cover area inside fire ring
* Fire glass should not fill fire chamber.
* Unused fuel will evaporate from burner when not in use
-  Installation collar dimension:  19" O.D x 15 1/8" I.D (stainless steel)
-  Burner Dimensions with support lip:  15" Diameter  x  6 1/4” Height 
-  Diameter of installation hole (cutout) required for burner insert:  13 3/4"
-  Installation must be on a firm level non combustible surface and/or enclosure

$795.00 $900.00
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